Influential Public Output by FIRMS Members

A review of the current quality standards framework supporting forensic science:
Risks and opportunities

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FIRMS Contributors: Doyle S.

Quality Management in Forensic Science
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FIRMS Contributors: Doyle S.

Quality Food Forensics: Stable Isotopes as a Guide to Authenticity and Origin
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FIRMS Contributors: Carter J., Cheeson L.

Lessons learned from inter-laboratory studies of carbon isotope analysis of honey
August 2018
FIRMS Contributors: Dunn P., Camin F., Chesson L., Posey R. and van der Peijl G.

Forensic application of stable isotope delta values: Proposed minimum requirements for method validation
July 2017
FIRMS Contributors: Dunn P., Carter J. and Doyle S.

Simple spreadsheet templates for the determination of the measurement uncertainty of stable isotope ratio delta values
October 2015
FIRMS Contributor: Dunn P.

Global spatial distributions of nitrogen and carbon stable isotope ratios of modern human hair October 2015
Schneiders S., Jackson G. and Dunn P.

Science & Justice : FIRMS Conference Edition Volume 55, Issue 1, p1-88
January 2015
Editors: Carter J. and Doyle S.
Good practice guide for isotope ratio mass spectrometry, FIRMS (2011)

Editors: Carter J. F, and Barwick V. J.

Springer Journel Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry March 2013, Volume 405, Issue 9
FIRMS contributors: Dr Jim Carter, Prof. Wolfram Meier-Augenstein and Prof. Niamh NicDaeid

Ensuring the reliability of stable isotope ratio data-beyond the principle of identical treatment

“Do it yourself” reference materials for δ 13C determinations by isotope ratio mass spectrometry

Influence of precursor solvent extraction on stable isotope signatures of methylamphetamine prepared from over-the-counter medicines using the Moscow and Hypophosphorous routes.

Wiley's Encyclopedia of Forensic Science
FIRMS contributors: Dr Jim Carter and Prof Wolfram Meier-Augenstein

 - Stable Isotope Analysis: Bone and Teeth
 - Stable Isotope Analysis: Drugs
 - Stable Isotope Analysis: General Principles and Limitations
 - Stable Isotope Analysis: Hair and Nails

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