Controlled Documents
In compliance with ISO9001, the following documents are available for downloaded to authorised parties who have been provided a password. Some (as indicated) do not require a password to access, but are nevertheless, "controlled".

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Title Ver. Issue Date PW Required Controlled
Articles of Association 1 18–Dec–2009  
Audit Plan 2.1 16-Sep-2109
Code of Conduct for Approved Practitioners 2 09–Dec–2013  
Code of Conduct for FIRMS Members 2 29–Jun–2015  
Complaints Procedure 1 29-Jun-2015  
Constitution 3 12–Jun–2018  
Checklist - Assessment of Evidentiary Reliability: Quality 1 09-Jan-2013
Checklist - Assessment of Evidentiary Reliability: Science 1 09-Jan-2013
Duties of FIRMS Officers 2 15–Oct–2020
List of Controlled Documents 11 09–Aug–2019  
List of Steering Group Members 8 15–Oct–2020  
Memorandum of Association 2 26–Sep–2012  
Minutes of SG Meetings including QMR N/A      
Mission Statement 1 26–Aug–2010  
Non-Disclosure Agreement 1 03-Sep-2013  
Privacy Policy 2.0 04-Feb-2020  
Procedure for Approval 4 29–Jun–2015
Protocol for Securing and Distributing Documentation 1 10–Jan–2011
QMR Standard Agenda 3 04-Sep-2018
Quality Manual 6 15-Oct-2020
Records associated with FIRMS' regulatory function N/A      
Risk Register 1 04–Sep–2018
Terms & Conditions 1 16-Sep-2019  

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